KHANG Q. NGUYEN - Principal khang@architrix.com
I believe in a simple, practical and environmentally conscious approach to living and I bring this into the work I do at Architrix Studio. To remove the complexities of our daily grind and to focus on what is important to us is the core of my practice. My role is to provide insightful guidance and environmental awareness into the process of conceiving and planning the place you call home. When I am not working, I make sure I leave the digital world and get into the natural world.


DAVID KOMINEK - Associate dk@architrix.com
I like to bring a very modern and minimal outlook to all my projects and having been trained in Passivhaus and LEED. I like to incorporate sustainable elements into my designs. Taking a strong technical viewpoint, I also have spent a lot of time learning building envelope science and building codes to keep the project running smoothly for years to come. I like to spend my free time riding my Vespa around town in the summer and finding the next best restaurant to try out.


BRYDEN SCOTT - Architectural Designer bs@architrix.com
I’m a designer passionate about designing functional, efficient and personalized homes for the clients that we work for. While influenced by West Coast Modernism and high performance construction, I also look to buildings and methods of the past that have held up to the test of time. Along with home design, I like to spend my time working on various creative projects as a musician, and weaving quick turns down mountains on a snowboard or bicycle depending on the season.


NACHIKET KULKARNI - Architectural Designer nk@architrix.com
Bringing in a fresh perspective from my diverse architectural experience in India, I like to approach projects like a puzzle, figuring out how best to fit all the pieces - site, client requirements, materials and aesthetics to create something unique. My minimalist approach to design is evident through my forms and preferred material palette – concrete, wood and glass. Exploring new cities, cultures and cuisines is my definition of adventure.


PEDRO SERRANO - Architectural Designer ps@architrix.com
I completed my B.A. in Architecture in Guadalajara, Mexico. After working in residential designs I went to London, UK to pursue a Masters degree in Sustainable Architecture. I have also been working from abroad as a principal designer for my father’s construction company in Mexico City. Primarily focused on residential developments, ranging from twelve townhouses to a five storey apartment building. My artistic background gives me an edge with 3D modelling and architectural visualizations.


OSSIE & CHEWIE - The Office Dogs
Eat - bark - beg for food - sleep - Repeat !