Seattle Modern home tour

Check out this stainless steel patio edge detail for gutter and flashing #seattlemodernhomes


1901 East Van Brick House

This East Vancouver house bordering Chinatown has been a favourite of mine since I moved two doors down. I’m a fan of the way the brick contrasts the metal trims and for a house built in 1901, how clean the lines are. While talking with the owner after being caught admiring the home, he said they’ve received many offers since his family took possession of the home in the 50’s from people who simply loved the style of the home. Given the amount of rain this house has seen, it looks as if it could stand another 100 years of Vancouver rain.



Office Funday

A fun office weekend in Whistler where we thought we’d have sunny skies turned in a pow day. Perfect for the ski slopes, we should have brought our skis instead of our bikes!